10 Simple Ways to Save Money

Everyone wants to save money and everyone follow their own tips and tricks to do that. Here are some tips to save money to generate. But you should always remember that you have developed your spending habits over the years and so you can’t change them in just one day. But […]

Did you know what TVM is?

Did you know what TVM is? Have you heard about TVM? TVM stands for Time value is money. This is one of the core concepts of finance and it means that the amount of money that you have with you today is worth more than an expected or promised identical amount […]

Life Insurance to cover your debts

It is a shocking fact that only around 10 percent of the Indians have life insurance. Most people often think that buying a life insurance is a choice and that they can think about it when they are nearing their retirement. But, that is totally a wrong assumption. Buying the right […]

Did you know about Human Life Value?

Do you know what should be the sum assured amount when buying your life insurance? Human Life Value or HLV is a term commonly used in the life insurance sector. In simple terms, human life value is an estimation of the financial value of a human life. This is an estimation […]

Why should you choose LIC’s Jeevan Shanti

The new LIC’s Jeevan Shanti plan is a single premium plan with dual return options; which means that the returns can be immediate or delayed annuity. It is a non-linked, non-participating plan. In the immediate annuity plans, returns can be availed immediately and in deferred annuity plans, one can choose the […]

Lesser known features of Health Insurance

Most health insurance plans have more than what is being utilized by the insured. It is always a good idea to do your research, consult an expert and read the policy document thoroughly before you buy your health insurance to know about all that is covered and not covered by the […]

How to focus on growing your wealth in your 40s

Most people are professionally well settled when they reach their 40s. However, not all of the professionally successful people are good at handling their finances or investments. To be successful in life, it is not just enough if you excel in your career and earn more, you should be also good […]