Simple steps to plan for the New Financial Year

The month of April marks the beginning of the New Financial Year. What better time could there be to take charge of your finances and make the right decisions with respect to your savings, investments, insurance cover and tax saving ideas? If you have not started your financial planning, then now […]

Why is investing money difficult?

Earlier we saw about some of the basic tips that would help to kick start the investment dream of any person. However simplified the basics maybe, most people still find it difficult to invest their money – may be because they are not completely aware of its benefits, they are not […]

The pros and cons of saving and investing

In this article, we will see some of the pros and cons of saving and investing. Saving is putting away money in a safe place such as in bank savings account, post office savings, recurring deposit or fixed deposit. Investing is also a form of saving where money is invested as […]

The Basics of Investment

This article will deal with the very basic formulae that would help anyone to kick off their investing goal easily. Most people find it difficult to start investing their money and they rather opt to save money in the more traditional forms such as bank fixed deposits and normal savings account. […]

When to save and when to invest? How much to save and invest?

Most often people don’t seem to comprehend the difference between saving money and investing money. Both of these have different objectives and serve different purposes in anyone’s financial strategy. It is important to clearly know and understand the fundamental concept of saving and investing before you start building your wealth to […]